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The immune system is involved in nearly every aspect of human health. Given this, immune repertoires provide an information rich resource to propel therapeutic development and precision medicine. Until now, the relationships between immune repertoires and the universe of possible antigens have remained obscure.

SerImmune’s Immune Information Technology reveals the many antigens that determine functional immune repertoires. The many distinct antibodies within a repertoire can be mapped to antigens from infections, allergens, microbiome organisms, autoimmune diseases, and cancers.

We provide partners with a uniquely differentiated capability to deeply characterize antibody repertoires, empowering immune-related research and clinical development. Applications include:

  • Antigen and antibody discovery
  • Vaccine design and characterization
  • Allergy and antigen identification
  • Early disease detection
  • Multiplex diagnostic panels
  • Companion diagnostics


SerImmune’s ImmuneIT platform maps circulating antibodies to their diverse antigens using molecular libraries composed of billions of antigen decoys and big data informatic tools.

The structure of each antibody of an immune repertoire encodes a unique antigen epitope fingerprint. To determine the antigen epitopes associated with many antibodies in parallel, SerImmune probes the repertoire within a specimen with a diverse peptide library capable of representing many antigens. Library members binding to antibodies in the repertoire are separated and their peptide sequences are determined using massively parallel DNA sequencing. Antigen epitopes specific to a sample, cohort, disease or phenotype are then discovered using statistical search algorithms and cloud computing.

Through application of our platform to well characterized specimens, SerImmune has constructed a database of disease- and health-associated antigen epitopes. Using this database, specimens can be analyzed for the presence of antibodies targeting many distinct antigen epitopes in parallel, to deeply characterize immune repertoires.

SerImmune’s ImmuneIT platform provides the capability to determine the composition of functional immune repertoires, creating new opportunities for therapeutic and diagnostic development.

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